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How to update license details of Quick Heal Product Key


I am using Quick Heal Antivirus. But wanted to update mobile no, email id and user name.

How can I update the details?

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i am amit my mobile no is 9993573303

i want to ID Key 

licence key



Renew my subscriptioon for Quick Heal anti-virus software for two computers (lap top and table top)

I will use my Bank of India credit card 

What is the amount payable  and for how long will this subscription last 

Just now i purchased your product i need a product key to install


I had activated an antivirus software in Dell Laptop and subsequently I also activated the renewal one. In the meanwhile Window software was not functioning properly in the Laptop for which I was to farmat the Laptop and during formatting, antivirus was uninstalled inadvertently. I could not traced the antivirus for re-installation, but I having renewal one. Now please guide me how I can activate the antivirus in my Laptop.OK thanks.

I have renewed The product yesterday I Want to update the same. How Should I?


I paid for renewal for one comp;uter and for my laptop quite soime time bacjk but have not received any confirmation that these are now valid and that both my comp;uters are protects by your anti-virus 

I have quick heal insurance which is handover to Aarvi insurance but my ticket has been closed. I have to resolved it. How can I resolved it
What do you mean by intimate no

I had renewed my Quick Heal Total Security License online for three years which is valid upto 21/3/2018. This License was installed in my desktop which is lying with me in dead condition since last one year due to some technical problem. I have now purchased a new laptop and want to install the same Quick Heal Total Security License online in my new laptop. Can you please guide me how can I do this at my home without any help from any IT Shop.

There is no response from Aarvi insurance

i want to install quick heal antivirus

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