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Upgradation hassle

Kindly discuss on new version upgradation Very bad experience with quickheal because of need to upgrade a version manually because of lac of technical knowledge of clients Quickheal needs to implement a technology like other antivirus company that makes every antivirus products has ability to auto upgrade not update

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I installed QHTS Ver17.00 64 Bit just 15 days back after facing many hassles. Now When i get notification to "update". I follw instructions but get Error No. 1001. When i write e-mail to QH Support team i get a mail giving me link for "Upgrade". When i follw instructions i get Error notice No. 1004 This is very irritating. Why do'nt you upgade your technology so that our SW is updated automatically every month or weekly.

download made but not install due to previous i did not delete. Now i delete . So now installation is required

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