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Installation Error

after running the setup file 1st window " Preparing for installation " 2nd Window " Installation cannot proceed further " " You have already used trial version, Select 1) Purchase / 2) Exit Installation ". I have purchased offline how to register now?


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muze b yahi problem he . plz reply

First time install this but this error show in laptop.

My QH is automatically uninstalled..When i try to reinstall it again i am getting this response.I have my product key valid for 2 m month only.


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I am not able to install QHIS and add device to my account of QH. The screen shot for the same is attached.

I have already uninstalled the QH from the previous device and installed on my new device but the installation and addition is not getting complete.

QHIS error.jpg
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installation problem because i have a auto renewal product key but i used it first time.


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