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registration problem

I installed the Quick heal antivirus pro 1pc/3 years in my pc in the m/o feb 2017. My PC is crashed now I have been replaced motherboard of my pc, while I am going to register the message is appear on screen " Product is already register as renewal code. Use appropriate product key for activation"

Please help me, how to register

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please sir kisi v tarah mera prodect key chalu kar dijyae sir.

i have forget my prodect key

 i cannot register with my product key



 thr quick heal pro activation registration key is problem and it is not workign

7k8le-92d1f-6700a-28510 need  registration and activation. i used many of the antivirus and this gave me very hard time to register and imcomplete and i do not know how it will work. how can i reconnend to some one. lilly divecha

 I can not register with my previous product key. I have installed in plays store , but it is for 7 days.  My antivirus pack is for 2 years . please help me


My original licence for single user total security for 3 years was installed in 2012, and renewed in 2015 (expiring on 11.10.18). Now I have purchased a renewal licence for another 3 years. After entering the renewal code, registration fails repeatedly. What is the solution?  I have a doubt whether 2nd renewal is permitted or not. Please help me fast, as the existing licence will expire by tomorrow. 

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why incorrect product keys is printed on cover page ?

i have a legal product key but I am not able to register.. quick heal is showing that you have used maximum allowed activation

I  have installed quickheal,  but while doing the process of registration, it is shown as ACTIVATION  DENIED  showing that you have used maximum allowed activation

i have installed quickheal but while doingh proceess of registration failed . he sey quick heal registration system error(ID138

(75 Bytes)

 i have product key .but not supported in your country or region  google say . how to solved  problem 

I bought the product yesterday but could not get the product activated as I have google chrome installed not internet explorer who uses internet explorer these days.

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