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virus found in scan


Scan started at:00:04:02 

Scan finished at:01:08:38 

Boot/Partition viruses   - 0        

  Files scanned   - 299250           Files quarantined   - 0  

        Files deleted   - 0           I/O errors   - 98        

  Threats detected   - 5           Files repaired   - 0        

  Archive/Packed   - 2638        

  DNAScan warnings   - 0           Adware detected   - 0    

When we scan using quick heal as in this case Threats detected - 5 and I/O errors 98.I have written no of times to Quick heal that why are the threats and I/O errors not deleted or quarantined on detection. Also their standard reply is do a no of difficult mehods, even after this problem is not solved then the do screen mirroring and do the needful from their side. Why can't the make a system where these threats, errors can't be repaired deleted directly.

Mahendra Agarwal

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The main difficulty comes from this site :. By removing this site from the system,you can solve the problem.Thank you!

Remove threats detected by full scann

Still have 18 threats detected by full scan 21/5

full scan


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