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Unable to update the antivirus

 I am update manually many times but antivirus is not updated. please help me.

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Auto update is not taking place.

update of virus database not taking
Still I also couldn't update my Antivirus . Already Called and asked their help, they asked me to wait for 24hrs. Today 24hrs. Has been finished, but still Same problems stand still? Very much poor Customer Service, Dissatisfied & Ashamed to be Quick Heel Customer also.


Several attempts to get the Antivirus Database Updated Failed. Please, help me get it fixed so that I can seamlessly update the antivirus database. Thank you.
Please customer service do something. Attempts to update antivirus manually when auto updates is not working was never successful. It will only say antivirus update whereas no update takes place. Please, fix the bug. Thank you.

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Please work on this wonderful application so that I could have my antivirus database updated so that our devices will not be at risk. The issue of antivirus updates is a serious issue. Please, get it fixed. Thank you.
Update of Antivirus either manually or automatically is not working. It seems to be a persistent and general problem. Please, fix this bug permanently so that we could be assured that we are safe using this application. Thank you.


My Quick Heal update now is not working. it had the update for a long time ago. but right now when I click on the Update Now button then nothing happens; What should I do?

Unable to update. Error 1002. Please help

Unable to update. Help.

I have just installed my copy of QH TS. While going for update it's not updating the virus database. please help. 

unable to update 

Pls, my antivirus is unable to update. What is happening?

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