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Can't enable Virus Protection

Hi, im a quick heal internet security user from around 2009. I've been updating/upgrading since then and yesterday, my quickheal got uninstalled somehow. So i installed the version i had as backup. It failed installing "Internal Error Occured" i contacted the support and was very disappointed. I somehow got it back. But the problem i'm facing right now is that "I can't enable the virus protection" nor it can be enabled! I tried every possible way. This Also didn't work.. Whenever i try enabling it, it says "Unable to load the virus protection, it'll load next time when the computer boots" so i restarted many many times. It still doesn't work.. Additional: im licenced user, i installed the v18 after it got uninstalled(it was v14 or somewhat i don't remember..).
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P.s. Im using Windows XP.
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