Description: This article would provide you the information about '!qhlogs.doc' file which you may see on random location in your system,


Nowadays, Malware/Ransomware are using newer way to affect system by exploiting digital social ethics with various techniques. It’s almost impossible to get your data back once you are the victim of ransomware attack.

On daily basis, Quick Heal is analyzing & updating security parameters to keep our valuable customers safe & as a part of this we have released !qhlogs.doc file to keep system's data safe to protect your system against Ransomware attack.

What is !qhlogs.doc files?

Quick Heal is rolling out !qhlogs.doc file through regular updates for customers as one step ahead of prevention against ransomware.

Will it hamper any system performance?

!qhlogs.doc file is created & resides in the system without acquiring any system resources; this file will not hamper any system performance.

Where can I find !qhlogs.doc files in my systems?

Below are desired system locations where you may get !qhlogs.doc file:

  • Root of every drive. [For Example: C:\!qhlogs.doc Or D:\!qhlogs.doc]
  • System Startup
  • User App-data folder [%appdata%]
  • Temp folder [%temp%]
  • My Document folder. [Documents]