Apple’s new on macOS High Sierra 10.13 has arrived and this OS has introduced a new feature that requires user approval before loading newly-installed third-party kernel extensions (KEXTs).

When a request is made to load a KEXT & if user has not approved, the load request is denied which resulting in non-functioning of installed Application(s).
When Quick Heal Total Security for MAC is installed on fresh macOS High Sierra 10.13, it is required to ALLOW “Quick Heal Total Security“ from the “System Preferences>>Security & Privacy” followed by a System restart to make product work well on the MAC system. In case if user has not ALLOWED Quick Heal Total Security then All protection will show OFF.

How to fix when product module OFF case is faced on fresh macOS High Sierra 10.13?

1. Install Quick Heal Total Security by double clicking the installer.
2. Follow the wizard to complete the product installation process.
3. During installation OR Once the product is installed on the Fresh macOS high Sierra 10.13, it will show “System Extension Block” with information on how to allow the same from System Preferences.

4. To allow this, Go to System Preferences>>Security & Privacy,
5. Allow button can be seen in front of ‘System software from developer ”Quick Heal Technologies.”was blocked from loading:
6. Once above is allowed, Please restart the System.

6. Once above is allowed, please restart the System.

Some Important key points to be remembered:
1. Till the time user doesn’t allow “Quick Heal total Security”  from “System Preferences>>Security & Privacy”, product will show all modules OFF (in RED color) as the drivers are not loaded.[In this case product functionality will not work]
2. The “Allow” button in System Preferences disappears after 30 minutes of product installation.
3. The “Allow” button in System Preferences seen again only after next reboot(again for 30 minutes).
4. If user has MAC OS lower version than 10.13.x with pre-installed Quick Heal in it & its upgraded to 10.13.x then Quick Heal functionality will not affect, even user reinstalled Quick Heal on platform then there is no need to fallow above steps.
5. If user format MAC system & freshly install macOS High Sierra 10.13 then we need to follow above mention steps.

You can visit below link for technical explanation on above steps: